Selasa, 14 Juli 2015

The Attack Worries #1

I'm a Christian. But during my life, my parents always taught me to respect your fellow believers in the other. Especially the month of fasting. My muslim friends often invite me to break the fast together. This often happens since I was in elementary school. Until now, each year there are bukber invitations from several groups including: Bukber USA (junior high school classmates), bukber Spakarsa (the high school classmates), bukber Cagaskara (the friends organization Cagas) and invitation bukber more. I am never absent each year to come to this event, because I think it shows like this is how me and my old friends stay in reunion. In this activity we share our stories with each other. Some are telling their college, gossiping old friend, tells funny things our teachers, shared memories of the time in class. So we spent a lot of time to chat, take pictures together, at least to eat the dish. Every year I always feel proud on the lives of my friends. I am very interested to hear how they told me about their lives, their social environment, their vacation travel and even about their romance.

The year 2015 is the last year I enjoyed the Idul fitri holiday at home. That wretched this year also I have rejected three invitations at once. I must yield to attend an invitation from my boyfriend in Surabaya. To be honest I was very sad and disappointed because of events that I always longed to coincide with the events of my boyfriend. I'm almost frustrated invitation bukber from three successive time this group takes part. Bukber Spakarsa will be held on July 14, 2015, bukber USA will take place July 15, 2015 and bukber Cagaskara will be held on 16 July 2015 in the afternoon Nadia friends se-genk invited me and other members of the genk to visit her home. While the show my boyfriend will be held July 15, 2015 so he pick me up a day earlier before the day of the event. I was really frustrated when friends persuaded me to come to bukber. I really miss my old friends, and I didn't realize I had shed tears

The other corner I really regret my own self. Because maybe next year and so on I am really not able to attend. This year is the year of my college and is expected to end next year I will be already working outside the city. After my work would be very difficult to reach out to my parents house as often as now. Moreover the leave permit for the Idul fitri holiday on homes that are truly impossible. At the moment I really seemed depressing. I am so stupid to divide time. But behold, I am currently not really sure my relationship and my boyfriend just fine. At the time this vacation my boyfriend does not give much attention to me as usual. My boyfriend a lot changed his attitude, his time is so busy to take care of the others and I also do not know what it is now. He's had little time to reply to my messages more and made me not be able to express my feelings. So that adds to the feeling of me against my old friends. I am really confused I want to even get angry against my boyfriend. What did I do in fact not wise? How should I choose a wise decision? I don't want to lose precious moment together with my friends before I go to work out of town and I also didn't want to disappoint my boyfriend. Or on the contrary I am disappointing my old friends who have been resorting to persuade me?

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