Jumat, 17 Juli 2015

The Attack Worries #2

In the end I decided to attend my boyfriend held date 15 July 2015 yesterday. After my boyfriend come to my home to fetch me, we left together with the bus. We arrived in the city of Surabaya at 12 noon and then my boyfriend's father brought us to go home. At around 5 PM me and my boyfriend set out from his home to the event place. Based on a map that is informed by his friend, the location of the event. But in fact we've arrived at the place of bukber event at 6.30 PM. Isn't it really ironic? We came too late. That wretched that event was no rekanita except me. This is the day I most hate. I want my own self cussing the other hand I also wanted to hit my boyfriend's head. How vain I refuse my three important events. What would you do in my place? I want to sprint once leave my boyfriend and the show. I do not know how my emotions bubbling up. So I sincerely refused any food there is event it. And you guys know? My face is turning into a monster before my boyfriend at the time. I am very angry and disappointed. After we left the event, I asked my boyfriend to stop at the stalls of soto. I devoured a bowl of rice soto and a glass of hot tea. The mood I really improved my stomach filled after energy. And getting better because my friends uploaded some pictures of them, so I missed a little to get it to them. I really missed my friends. Old friend and childhood friend of mine. And I see the joy in their photos. There's also my friend who brought her baby. Very adorable baby. Hehhe.
So a little bit of my story. Hope I'm not wrong again.

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